"To produce professional musicians who will use their expertise to groom the next generation"

"To produce professional musicians who will use their expertise to groom the next generation"

SevenStrings Music School Rules & Policies


  1. Student is required to pay Rp 500.000,- for first time registration. If student decided to terminate the class before the period ends, there will be no refund of the remaining class.
  2. We will not refund registration, courses, and books fee after the student has signed the Music School Registration Form and has agreed to all terms and conditions applied.
  3. If the student takes more than one course, the student needs only to pay one time registration fee.
  1.  Course fees shall be paid in full latest by 15th day of each month. Payment above the 15th will be charged penalty of Rp. 50,000,- per month.
  2.  Payment of courses fee can be transfer to :
    Bank Central Asia Cab. Menteng PT. Sumber Sulung Indonesia A/C No: 735-031-6005
    Please list your full name and course name on the payment slip
  3. If courses fee is not paid for more than 30 days past its due date, then the student is no longer able to attend the class until the course fee & fine is paid in full.
  4. If the courses fee is not paid within 3 (three) months from the payment due date, then administratively the Student Number shall be deleted and the student declared to be unregistered as a student. If he/she wishes to continue the course, the student shall be charged the registration fee.
  5. Course fee amount is based on current grade/level class


  1. Every music education level in music school is held according to estimation of each individual class & level.
  2. Student should arrive on time at the agreeable course schedule. The teachers are not obliged to make up or give extra time for absent or lateness.
  3. Certificates of Achievement at every level of music education are given when the student passed from all the examination held by SevenStrings Music School and ABRSM(Associated Board of the Royal School Of Music)
  4. Failure to pay course fees means that the student will not be included for exams.
  5. The course meeting class is 4 (four) times in 1 (one) month, with note in the event that the school day coincides with a public holiday and holiday season (Ied Mubarak and Christmas), then the course meeting class shall not be replaced (except in the month where there are twice public holiday in the same day in a month)
  6. The 5th weeks of the month is the off day for all students
  1. If the student is absent on the day/ time that has been agreed upon for reason of sickness, then we replace only one class within 3 months. There is no accumulation in rescheduling class.
  2. Student absent because of sickness will get replacement with MC (Medical Certificate) only.
  3. If the teacher is absent, then the class will be replaced / adjusted according to the available schedule.
  1. Student is not permitted to eat in the classroom during a teaching session. Student is        only allowed to bring water into the classroom.
  2. Student is not permitted to change the setup, format or computer programs in musical instruments.
  3. Any damage to the equipment’s being used within the duration of the class will be charged to the person responsible in making the damage.
  4. Gadgets are not permitted to take in the class room during the class session
  5. Instruments are returned to its original position and in-class clean when leaving the classroom.
  6. Any personal items left in the classroom will not be the responsibility of Sevenstrings Music School management
  7. Students are not allowed to carry sharp objects and toys in the classroom.
  8. Parents or guardians are not allowed to enter the classroom during the class session
  9. Students obliged to dress properly and wear shoes when attended the class


  1. If the student wishes to take a leave, then he/she shall be required to give a one month written noticed to Education Administrator at administrator@sevenstrings.co.id and notify the teacher. The student shall be required to complete a school leave form provided by the administration of the music school.
  1. School leave is valid only for 3 months. If the student leaves for more than 3 months, then the student needs to re-pay registration fee.
  1. There will be Leave fee for Rp.200,000 ,- per month.
  1. When the student is on leave, SevenStrings has the right to give the time slot to other student.


SevenStrings Music School is closed on all government holidays.


Whilst the School and its staff will exercise the utmost care and precautions to ensure the safety of each and every child within our premises, it is understood that mishaps and accidents may still occur due to circumstances beyond the School's control.  All parents must also agree that the school or its staff cannot be held legally liable for such incidents and they must also indemnify the school and its staff against such liability.


Grants permission to SevenStrings Music School to utilize the photos and video clips of the student covered by SevenStrings Music School for publicity materials, newsletters and exhibitions requirements.


In the event that the student wishes to cease his/her education, the student shall be obliged to give a written notice to Education Administrator one month before the termination of course. Failure to do this will result in the student paying the remaining fees. Example: If the student is going to terminate the course in March, then a written notice to the Education Administrator must be given the latest by 1st February (one month in advance).